To The Still Born by Simonne Stellenboom

Simonne Stellenboom | April 13th, 2016 | poetry | No Comments

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To the still born
What a beautiful flower you are
Your petals big and bold
Proudly pastel and pink
And even though we never saw you blossom and unfold
Oh what a beautiful flower you are!

Ribbons and lace
That’s what you are wearing
Obviously, it’s what little divas do
Please, please feel our warm embrace
As you embark to your heavenly grace

It is with wings that you little angle are flying
And even if you are in a different place
Know the words ‘we love you’
For now it is all
It is all we will ever do

What a beautiful flower you are
Forming a bud so brazen and brave
From a tall and elegant stem
And inside, as you grew and gave and graced
It’s the hope, love and time
You gave us, which we will cherish and save
It’s the lost hereafters and tomorrows
That makes us cave
And we almost give in to these sorrows
It’s the knowing you exist in a place not too far
That saves us, now forever and a day
Hear us as we say
Oh what a beautiful flower you are

Poet Bio

Simonne is a Finance Masters Graduate passionate about developing people and firmly believes in ‘people first’. Simonne expresses her reflections on personal experiences through words and hope that others may find her journey of experimenting with words interesting.

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