To Those Who Walked Amongst Us by Tefo Tlale

Tefo Tlale | November 18th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Spirit beings. Sojourners on mother earth, citizens of cosmic order. Radiant bulbs in an expansive sky.

How we miss you. How we need you. How we yearn to feel your touch, your warm embrace. Your kind kisses.

What great grief you left us. Where once there was a stream of hot wet salt now lies a dry parchment reflecting your memory. I see you in the mirror. Your nose, your ears.

In moments like these, I ponder your fragrance, your voice, your whimsical smile, the thoughts you left behind. Your reprimands, your wisdom. Oh how I wish to hear you say it all again!

As I gaze at your warm stellar presence, I can only honour you with the remainder of my sojourn. Your teachings are true, your love is true. Your light is true. Gone in body but alive in spirit.

Poet Bio

Tefo Tlale is multi-award winning Advocate of the High Court of South Africa. He is a proponent of African Renaissance influenced heavily by his post-graduate studies in Paris, France where he was exposed to the experiences of the African diaspora abroad. He hopes to see an integrated Africa in his human lifetime. A stoic, music aficionado, he finds healing in jazz music and poetry. He is currently completing his MBA and is based in Johannesburg.

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