To Two Black Birds by Tumello Motabola

Tumello Motabola | September 18th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

At first, I am mad
playing all the Coltrane I can find
recovering steps to a play
a secret we both may never understand.
Holding hands on a Sunday afternoon – almost dancing –
how can a whole evening be made just for us?
The sun, I tell you – to two black birds
is either a new city Eskom pylon or a singing machine.
I imagine every time we feel brave enough to use the word “goddess” to express emotion, a giant standing over a bulb
and Esk’ia Mphahlele reading bedtime stories to our neighbour’s infant.

Poet Bio

Tumello Motabola, 24 years old, is a poet born in Lesotho. He was shortlisted for the 2021 Brunel Poetry prize. He writes in themes about memory.

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