To Whom It May Concern by C.D Charlie

C.D Charlie | Aug 13th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


To Whom It May Concern :

As the summer rains pelt on the ground so does our grandmothers tears, for their loincloths like mice, have fallen in deadly snares. Our mothers weep, frequently, for their husbands have paid more visits to shebeens than their homes.
Innocent treasures are buried in bins.
The promise of the brilliant child’s future was short-circuited.
Monsters, co-existing in our rooms
The sight of a developing country :
unemployment, uncertain, unaware is gruesome.
We are a catastrophic spectacle to neighbours.

When we address our cries, you come by providing a temporary remedy to shut us up

I have held on to my faith , but my distress has forced me to let go

Poet Bio

Cameron Danielle Charlie is a young lady who has big dreams that ‘frighten her at times’ . She is currently taking a gap year to navigate her purpose . She wishes to pursue Nursing (as she has a passion for helping people )next year and after attaining her degree she is wishes to return to Medical school and pursue Microbiology. Poetry , another passion of hers is also one she would love to develop and pursue and inspire others through her words to voice on public and domestic concerns.

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