Torments Of My Own Chima

Chima | December 22nd, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

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Forsake me my clumsy heart
I have known peace and joy
But held them as a baby held a toy
How foolish a mischief on my part

Daring darling endeavours
Gaming the survival tempest
Stunts begrudge in me a shredded grandeur
I have found the misery I sought

After war is peace
The folklore reminds me of a call to action
The steps I braved shape me motionless
I fret on how beyond is history, ahead of my time

Glory glory
I enjoy the distant story
But my present flow
Praised me master of pain
Novice to tranquillity

Disintegration so delicate
Agonizing my muse with great artistry
Destruction going so far with distraction
No allow even the cunning faith of mine to burglarize its masterpiece

Poet Bio

Bill Chima Nwabuko is a Liberian writer, who writes both prose and poetry. His father is a Nigerian and mother a Sierra Leonean but he considers himself a Liberian for he believes that Liberia has played a key role in shaping his life as a person and thus he owes his life and allegiance to her. His writings are mostly emotional, ranging from pain, anxiety, love, dilemma and so forth, all of which are his own experiences.

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