TRACTATUS LOGICO-PHILOSOPHICUS (or Wittgenstein’s beat) by Paula Puolakka

Paula Puolakka | Apr 13th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


The state of the world is a fact
and everything you cannot talk about you must stay silent of.

Understanding lies in the interval,
in the space between two things
when no words are used and a heart skips a beat.

Poet Bio

Paula Puolakka is a writer, Beat poet, and MA (History of Science and Ideas.) In March 2019, she was awarded the second prize in Dreamers & MLK poetry contest (NC, USA.) In April 2019, her long essay was given an honorable mention in the competition held by The Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation (in Pohjois-Savo) and her short essay was one of the winning stories in the contest held by Single Parents Association under the 2019 parliamentary elections in Finland. In 2017 and 2018, Puolakka landed first and second in the short story competitions held by Re:fiction (Israel) and Literative (USA.)

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