Trapped by JD

JD | February 12th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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I sit back and think of this crazy mess
We trapped in the darkness of it.
We gotta connection that nobody
But us would understand .
I’m selfish and I want you all to myself.
I don’t care about the risks involved.
I just want you to myself.
Happy is what you make me
Can’t sleep, my mind constantly on you.

I would love to run away with you but only in my dreams is where I see you.Fading away that moment of happiness. So damn crazy in love with you.

A messed up situation as we say.But we forget everything when we together.Crazy as it seems we melt into each other.Passionate kisses and making love we’ve never experienced before until we leave for reality and it’s messed up even more.

Everything sexy about you.Your scent makes me tremble.Your touch makes me weak my dream came true.Leaving me there begging for you.When you hold me in you arms everything feels better.Until we have to part.

We await …because we trapped we don’t know what the future has in store, nobody knows but for now, I’m enjoying every moment of your love. I miss you dearly until the day I wake up next to you…my life then Complete.

Poet Bio

I am talkative but an introvert. I am a single mum. Love to see others happy.

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