Trees in the Woods by Mzwakhe Xulu

Mzwakhe Xulu | February 3rd, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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One day walking around the woods,
I noticed some remarkable trees.
The first tree was the tree of intelligence.
It yielded ripe fruits of knowledge,
and enlightened many other trees with it.

I also saw the tree of wisdom,
that provided nourishment and clarity to dwarfed minds
Its fruits were mouthwatering.

There was the tree of power,
which endowed men and women with great influence.
It made them prance like horses.

I approached the tree of wealth,
which sweated the man’s bald and woman’s snout.
Its roots were entwined with those of the tree of power.
They were inseparable.

I also noticed the tree of charm,
that breathed vitality and boisterousness of life,
and drove girls to boyfriends’ hard-muscled arms
like bees attracted to dahlia stocks.

Along that path was the tree of humility,
that rendered men docile like donkeys,
and made some deny themselves in the quest of its fruits.

There was also the tree of greed,
which turned brothers into enemies,
and left the woods reeking of blood.

What about the tree of jealousy,
that ruined others joy,
with lies and malice.

Then there was the tree of faith,
that yielded fruits of perseverance and endurance,
to all who ate from it.

There was also the tree of hope,
which was like gold in the slurry,
waiting to be extracted for refining.

The tree of love was there too.
It blossomed like a fragile flower,
ready to dim bad stench with its sweet scent.

Afterwards the tree of immortality appeared.
It wrestled and crushed trees with the seed of death.

I was amazed by the variety and fruitfulness of trees,
yet I realized something about their nature;
they all formed the woods.
They all played a role in keeping the woods green and lush,
no matter what their seed was.

Poet Bio

Mzwakhe Xulu is an aspiring writer ,poet and educator who’s currently studying to be an Engineer.

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