Trenches by Alice Lucy

Alice Lucy | November 8th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

suddenly everything disappears and
you’re in a vacuum
the black hole sucks you in
and it’s all over
then you wake up from the dreams that
had provided you with what you wanted
and now it’s been taken
is there no relief

relief is what he had for a moment
but it was that moment that killed me
which is better
to be relieved and resort to mere existence
or to have relief only in slumber and
exist a bit more

the war rages on and the guns blaze
I wait for the grenade but it
still doesn’t come
I’m being patient and I’ll give you some time

until then I’ll be in the barracks

Poet Bio

Alice Lucy has been an avid writer for as long as she can remember, and found herself pulled towards poetry from a young age. The majority of Alice’s poetry comes from memories and thoughts, often relating to mental health and the difficulties that come with illnesses. Alice is currently working on a collection she hopes to publish.

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