Tunisia by Tosin

Tosin Otitoju | August 2nd, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Where Romans built
And sat in stone.
Where Greek men cooked
With silk road spices.

Where you live now
Forgetting so much –
So much blood beneath
Your city streets.

You’ve washed your hair
In essence-of-jasmine.
Behind you, damp hair
Reaches to your bra.

Your little hips roll
To an African drumbeat
On mp3s French,
Arab, and now Rai.

In twenty-five-oh-nine
When all share your race,
Homo median will tour
The Milky Way.

Your man approaches.
He is a strong man:
Onions in his sweat
On his hairy chest.

Poet Bio

Tosin Otitoju is a Nigerian engineer, academic, and writer.  Her first poetry collection, Comrade, was published in 2010, while Yalla!, a collection of travel poetry, will be published in 2011.  She blogs regularly, including at www.LIFELIB.blogspot.com

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