Twelve truths to live by by Salimah Valiani

Salimah Valiani | April 2nd, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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Twelve truths to live by

always catch the sunrise

rain splashes at many angles

snow falls but also runs

wild yeast is slow to grow but lives long

delectables may be handsome but not delicious

the vulture is one of few that eats the laying dead

the voice is an instrument

the skate a scalpel of ice

morogo can breathe air and live indefinitely

planted trees do not replace forests

living for the moment can be a way of killing tomorrow

the blue dragon sea slug floats upside down granting sea creatures
its floral blue

Sandhof lillies bloom in the Namib desert

a broken heart can soar

a broken spirit can ravage

Poet Bio

Salimah Valiani is a poet, researcher and activist. Her latest collection, 29 leads to love, is forthcoming in June 2021. Check out her work at
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