Twenty Sixteen by Yolanda Deity

Yolanda Deity | December 26th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

In Africa
Her feet tango with sand
Under the sun
Her smile beams
Brown skin showered by full clouds

Once starved
By the foods that entered holes
Liquids that energized with her fluids
The new surfaced answers
That lay deep down her ocean
Under the red light of her core

She partook in a physical search
Moving past the soul
That lay battered
Taking affects of the blood turning black from the edges

Waking up at one end of the rainbow
Playing numbers correctly
Creating a world
Her death birthed breath
Vibrating a stillness
That was not far from her flesh

Pills played music
Awake darkness revealed shadows
Shining sense to reality
Allowing acceptance to self


Poet Bio

South African.
Young Age with Maturing Knowledge.
Experience Scripts a Piece.

Emotions lived.
Scripted from her heart.
Influences after her soul.
Witnessed by her being.

Poetry pieces from the existence of journaling.
Words added to vocabulary.

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