Twinned Dreams by Ayesha Kajee

Ayesha Kajee | August 13th, 2021 | poetry | 2 Comments


Do twins dream dreams
with the same movie plot?
Spoons in a drawer, they shift and align
cocooned in moonfree night
Black tinged red by the neon sign
beamed through a parking lot

Starfish hands and octopi feet
project a tangle of branches
which meet in lurking shadows
where the wall advances
to kiss sheets wrinkled to furrows
by tiny twitchy avalanches

Two planets orbiting each other
Utopic universe all their very own
Smile in sleep – the epitome
of total synchronicity
Before the shadow of water
clouds dreaming serendipity

A single tear glistens down
each dimpled petal cheek
One right, one left, perfect mirrors
of shared childhood terrors
Shrill cacophony of
unvoiced treble shrieks

Poet Bio

Ayesha Kajee is a storyteller, poet and rights activist whose research on governance and democracy in many parts of sub-saharan Africa has been published in various media. Her research interests include post-conflict transformation, socio-economic renewal and gender and environmental rights. She writes because she can’t not.

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