two poems by Gloria D. Gonsalves

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Poem One


A cake
mother baked me
as I licked
red jam.

blew away
coated my face
playful white.

A filling
as my PJs are
lovely green.

The bottom
as sky is
ocean blue.

A filling
fluffy soft
as bananas are
sunny yellow.

A treat
of sweetness
flavoured with
black jello

Poem Two

Find Your Way Home

Dear South Africa
beneath the twilight I saw
your soul – the rainbow.

Humanity is acceptance.

Whenever you are lost
during day or night
find me, your home.

No evil beats hope.

Keep looking through
full moon or dim
surge ahead with love.

Tell your truth with fairness.

A rare butterfly
amplify your beauty
to destiny of diverse.

Forgiveness is your circle.

Let no despair
obscure your opulence
transform with freedom.

Triumph as glorious nation.

As dawn sings
hallelujah to goodness
find your way home.

Poet Bio

Gloria D. Gonsalves is from Tanzania, has lived in Ireland and currently resides in Germany. She enjoys writing poetry and tales for both children and adults. Her literary works aim to support humanitarian related projects and creativity in others, especially children, by having them participate through drawings or stories. Readers can learn more about Gonsalves by visiting (GER)

Dear-South-Africa-websitethis poem appears in our print quarterly number eight, Dear South Africa.

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