two poems by mihla the poet

mihla the poet | April 29th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


been scratching out words starting sentences over cause I want to write about
the politics
the blunts I roll up
the coco I sniff up like maids on corners
cigarettes that majita are always R2 for


I keep scratching out words starting over cause I’m here sitting at the party being a 2nd hand smoker 6th drinker 4th party animal waiting for you to talk to you to tell you wassup but I’m sitting here with headphones people rocking to my mixes but I’m here sitting in the corner where you left or where I told you to find me if you ever need me stop the music and call me up

cause I’m tired of scratching out words and starting over while I’m here waiting for you

poem after poem word after word I want to write about
the love I have for you
but I’m here waiting for you to hit me up cause I’m tired of scratching out words and starting over
girl I’m here for please don’t make me roll up and start over while waiting for you

cause I’m here

wena fela (you only)

I might know a lot of women but my heart wants you and only you I know it’s hard to believe cause you see me turning up with groupies at the clubs and chill outs you see them getting physical that’s just making you doubt my words more


lady listen please cause I’m being honest with you now

my heart is longing for someone
my soul wants a soul mate
my ambition wants to meet another ambition
emotions and feelings seeking another specie


my eyes are looking for a view that can’t be found but I know where to find it because the view I want to see with
my eyes is to look into your eyes and never sell you dreams
that’s my priceless view I found

cause I want you and only you
ke batla wena fela

Poet Bio

mihlali songcaka is a aspiring poet from Bloemfontein but he was born in umtata eastern cape in family of five started writing in 2011 first it was poems about god that he would write about but has transitioned to more popular and more effective views and he has performed at umtata word festival in 2015

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