two poems by Pontsololo

Pontsololo | April 20th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

My End

My anger and fear consumed me
Uncontrollably stood up for no reason
I knew this was the end
His words moving like waves in my head

I had to end it, did not care how
I paused to figure it out
My plan was fatal It was wrong
I knew better to end my evil plan

Walked and ran through the cold night
Breathless I couldn’t stop
Forgot my fear of darkness
And breathless I ran to nowhere

My wish fatal, inviting evil to come
I met a rock and tree, they became my friends we spoke, all in the dark
Shield, shelter and peace I found.


All Black and white with fur
Grey when I mix the two
A colour that chooses not
A colour for freedom

she lies beside me
Touches my feet and leaks
Growling softly her sweet melodies
Green eyes connecting with my brownies

With her paws she pokes for my attention
If only she could utter a word
To say she feels my pain
I can still hear her comfort, her miaaw

Poet Bio

Portia Mhlongo is a mother of three who is passionate about writing. I have the love for words.

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