Ubuntu, Abantu by Nkateko Tshabalala

Nkateko Tshabalala | Dec 30th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


I found a centrefold of hope
With mould and grim
A menagerie of tamed mannequins
We don’t remember staying awake to defy the moon
We watched the sun rise like the birth of a star
But we remember the words of unity, not for humanness,
but for peace
We laugh at brandished conversations
And gathered around our wounds and waited for the rainbow to paint our scars
But we didn’t wait alone
The script of betrayal was written long before we were casted
Our directors knew that our characters only yearned for the fame of the credits of freedom
We chartered a vigour for fortune with the merchants of our doom
They sold us our spirits and we traded with our souls
Ubuntu sealed our lips
Abantu were empty shells trying to fill themselves with riches stolen from their own pockets
Even the hyenas refused to laugh at this mockery
Prayers wanted to be bribed and promises demanded the sacrifice of hope
You cannot sing with us the songs of our war chant
Why do you ululate our heroes and flaunt their courage as your bravery
You cannot sing with us the songs of our war chant
Ubuntu is the thread of our blood, the plains of our sacrifices
You can hover all you want above the fairy tale of our victory,
We never believed in a happy ever after
We knew that we have to spell UBUNTU differently for you to understand it’s meaning
We knew that we have to twist the tongue intoxicated with intolerance
We knew that we have to spell UBUNTU differently with the birth of new generations
We knew that you hoped that Ubuntu would seal our lips and betray our salvation
You cannot sing with us the chant of our war cry
You cannot twist our tongues to spell Ubuntu differently for you
Abantu know Ubuntu.

Poet Bio

Aspiring writer
I don’t chase dreams
I construct realities
Self-published author of Poetic Flair

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