Uhm… by Tulile Siguca

Tulile Siguca | November 15th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Uhmm ellipses
The heaviness of the heart eclipses my will to write

I believe this to be my birth right an inheritance from those who came before and will untilforever after roam all realm

I am overwhelmed with metaphors which claw themselves from out of my bones
These poems are marrow
I transplant them on pages

I try plant them on souls from stages
Each line straight from my narrow minded heart

Words course through me like blood with messages deeper than the thickness of water

But uhmm ellipses
Dot dot dot

This is a poem about writers block

My mind has lost the key to my heart and soul

I’m a glass half full I’ve lost many things that made me whole

I have been lost from many homes found myself in dingy holes
Trying to hold on to the last kicks for I too am a dying horse

There are times when my breath is forced out of my lungs because sometimes it longs for a day off

But uhhmm ellipses
The serpent hisses
The weak all listen to the sweet sound of lies
A life led leading to our demise
Even the wise lose their way at times

Poet Bio

Durban based poet from Mthatha who writes love truth and beautiful things

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