Ukulele by Siansunflower

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If I were a tree?
Which would I be?
That one is easy-
something in-between
a willow and a baobab.
What if I were an instrument?
Hmm, let’s see…
There are the percussions
But I’ve been beaten before,
both with hands and sticks
and I didn’t quite enjoy that.
Then, there’s the brass and the woodwinds
But I’d rather not
be fooled around with
by something as intimate as lips.
That leaves us with strings.
Violins are quite high strung
I’ll go with something easy-
A ukulele.
Pick at me,
caress me gently
and find what makes me sing
my sweetest sound.

Poet Bio

Sian is 20 years of age, currently working, traveling and studying in and around South Africa. Though young, she aims to make a difference in this world through poetic language and art. It is her greatest passion to teach, enable and empower others. She is described by those closest to her as a ‘free-spirited sunflower.’

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