Un-do by Ilse Goschus

Ilse Goschus | March 9th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


Long, long, meticulously planned
busy, busy lists
(OCD traits or trails?)

When the clock of disaster strikes at noon
(a thunderous message of utter doom)
amidst missiles, nuclear defense ammunition
and cul-de-sac human corridors

Then… the reality beckons confusingly
“What do I do, when they un-do?”

Bucket lists become dark-skyed fire trails
All planning… shredded scraps
as the power of greed UN-DO
what the perceived innocent DO

Poet Bio

I’m a qualified journalist and published author. I write in English and Afrikaans. My book, “Die Genadekinders” was published in 2007 by Griffel Media. As an Intern Journalist at “The Emerald Times” and online Canadian newspaper, more than 100 of my news articles had been published online. I’m also a writer for ASB and quite a number of stories and poems had been published in “Sprankell” (2-18); “Kwetterrr” (2019) and Tierlantonkels (2020). I’m writing fiction (for kids and adults), Science fiction (for kids and adults) and educational support materials for teachers.

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