Una Vegada / Once by Xe M. Sánchez

Xe M. Sánchez | October 28th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Dellos talanten
que, quiciabes, yá nun tien igua.
Sicasí, un canciu
ye de xemes en cuandu abondu
-comu dellos poemes-
pa entamar a camudar el mundiu.
Ye un canciu -una añada-
qu’atoparás nun requexu
de la to memoria
si entá yes a alcordate
de qu’una vegada
fuisti un nenu.
Daquella entá agüeyabes
colos güeyos de la vieya Gaia.

English Translation

Some people think
that maybe it no longer has a fix.
Even so, a song
is sometimes sufficient
-as some poems-
to start to change the world.
It is a song -a lullaby-
which you will find in a coin
of your memory
if you can still remember
that once,
you have been a child.
At that time, you still watched
the universe with the eyes
of the ancient Gaia.

Poet Bio

Xe M. Sánchez was born in 1970 in Grau (Asturies, Spain). He received his Ph.D. in History from the University of Oviedo in 2016, he is anthropologist and he also studied Tourism and three masters. He has published in Asturian language seven books and several publications in journals and reviews in Asturies, USA, Portugal, France, Sweden, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, India, Italy, England, Canada, Reunion Island, China, Ireland and Netherlands.

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