Undeniable Love by Beula Kapp

Beula Kapp | November 27th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Within the womb
knitted by the hands
of God, given to a world
falling apart
chosen by God to
lift my heart
a strength never felt
a fierceness brought
me up from the ashes
of a broken soul
you are my strength
my world your weakness
tears my heart
your tears dry my burning heart
My Love for You will never part
You are the core of heart!

Beula Kapp born as an artistic soul developed the love of poetry, art, and music in her early teens. Her poetry is filled with passion, life, struggles, questions that relate to the everyday person.
Employed as a Full-time Pre- K teacher also pre- k level music teacher, allows her to passionately teach young souls the love of art, music, poetry, stories that will be taken with them as they grow.
She enjoys not only writing poetry, short stories, fiction, flash fiction but reading it as well, thus she enjoys being part of online poetry communities where she is able to contribute, read and communicate with other artists.

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