Under Her Skin by Nadine Juta

Nadine Juta | November 17th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment


Scratching and clawing, under her skin,
Broken and burning, who let them in?
Shadows flit across her eyes, so sore,
She can’t fight a losing battle anymore.

Crying in the darkness, the pouring rain,
These things – monsters – cause her pain.
She can feel them running down her back
Planning yet another ruthless attack.

Silent sobs rack her body, she can’t go,
She tries to hide, she tells them no.
Anger sits in the wounds and scar,
She hid the marks of where they are.

Only she now bears her pain, her tears,
Silently she rids herself of all her fears.
As blood gushes out the gashes, red,
She hopes all the monsters are now dead.

Poet Bio

Nadine is a young, vibrant aspiring poet, hoping to be published in paperback real soon!

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1 thought on “Under Her Skin by Nadine Juta”

  1. Hi, Nadine
    I really liked your poem and it reminded me of one I wrote 2 years ago titled Scared. I think your work has a lot of imagery and it keeps the reader on edge. I just wanted to know if you always feel like rhyming in all your poems? If so don’t you think it can be quite limiting to vocab in cases where there is no word that can quite express a certain feeling.
    thank you for sharing with us.

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