Under my skin by Collen Molahlehi

Collen Molahlehi | March 31st, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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Remnants of countless storms
continue weathering the shoulders
that once carried a glimmer
from a tunnel that no longer
knows the sight of light.

Holding on to the ashes of a dream
that once palpitated
they paint the very hands
that have scratched
and raked a way for them to breathe.

Holding on to what if?
as if she will hold me back,
instead, she creeps in
dressed in the disguise of self-doubt

Whispers of the parts of me this paper
is yet strong enough to carry
Slip through the cracks these wrinkles
hang bare for all to see;
the dream I have chased until I lost
Not only myself but the road back to home.

When my knees buckle under the chants
my tongue carries from my lips to his ears,
I let him know that
I have danced with fate until
the very last spark lost its grip from a wick,
Week in, week out, doubt in, hope out,
Remnants of what could have been
seek refuge under my skin.

Poet Bio

Thabo Collen Molahlehi is a 24-year-old, poet, artist, and engineering student, based Johannesburg, South Africa. His published work is as follows: On the Edge, published on the AVBOB poetry website, 2020, Artist, featured in Letting in the light: A mental wellness anthology, 2021, Time, which came third placed poem on the AVBOB mini-poetry competition 2021, and A Poet’s prayer published on the AVBOB poetry competition website, 2021, When you chose to leave, Her, Death and These walls published on Papers publishing website, 2023.

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