Unicorn Stallion by Thabang Ngoma

Poetry Potion | October 24th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Gasping for air, nostrils flare
At the profile of her elegant mare
Stroking the ground with each hoof
Rearing his dominance to the roof

He suspends moments in time
With each stride like a pendulum
The seductive sway of her trademarks
Pulsating the sinews of his thorax

The whip of her tail his jog
The whiff of his mane in sync
He’s the head, but she takes the lead
Pounding ahead like a thoroughbred

The body throbs like a heart muscle
Poetry in motion like a chartered vessel
Her hind drives with perfect rhythm
His gallop resounding the love anthem

They ride their whims like free spirits
Power is his course, stamina is her force
Torque is the body language they speak
Riding in unison to reach the intended peak

Poet Bio

I’m a aspiring writer & enjoy reading and the challenge of composing & writing poetry.I’m a sketch artist&long distance – runner.


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