Unification by Reitumetse Johnson

Reitumetse Johnson | June 16th, 2011 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

I saw flesh and emotion unite
I felt them breathe in a synchronised fashion
They became one and in this divine being
Emerged self acceptance.
As the picture became clearer..
The smoke screen faded and
I saw her…
Her that my eyes explored
Her blessed with beautiful offspring
The energy around her is strongly felt
As if she is within us.
I saw humanity complementing femininity
I touched self love
I observed her harmonious, reserved nature
And was partly blinded by a tender smile.
I saw delicacy and fragility
Openly displayed in comfort.
I looked deeper
And I saw a yearning of oneness with me.
My pupils dilated
And in front of me
Popped a load of joyful joy.


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