Universe Within Me by Patricia Furstemberg

Patricia Furstemberg | January 1st, 2023 | poetry | 1 Comment

Poet Bio

Folded within myself I am back in the womb of life
where I wait, once more for the universe within me
my heart, a bud too ripe touching walls
in this sealed space and time that I share with myself
my mind, a riddle, that flickers whenever
thoughts chase the rhythm pulsating within
and I am an acorn asleep in a secular tree,
secured on its branch under the safety of green leaves.
until the breeze awakes me and I can’t wait to touch ground
the revelation of sacred life that was started within myself.

Poet Bio

Patricia Furstenberg is a Romanian historical fiction, contemporary and children’s books author who resides in South Africa. Patricia penned the bestseller Joyful Trouble, page-turner Silent Heroes, beloved children’s literature The Cheetah and the Dog, new releases Dreamland and Transylvania’s History A to Z: 100 Word Stories.

Patricia writes with passion about history that blends with fiction, about war heroes, human or canine, while the poetry she pens is sometimes humorous, sometimes as harsh as life.

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