Unknown Angels by Nkwana Joshua

nkwana joshua | August 13th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


this goes to heaven;
the mist and clouds
which send laudation
to earth people
reminding and
remarking our souls
that flower people exist

to angels unknown of time;
who lived in mother’s bellies
too short of life unseen
outside, still breathing
in heaven’s chest,
in our mother’s hearts
felt too alive day and night
like the morning crow –
too bond to the sun

this I say;
to those who mothered
distant bloodlines,
whom their breast
laid no contest
offsprings of forlorn,
whom umbilicals attached
on mouths, filling bellies
before dusk and
sing lullabies to sleep

You –
the flower people
who carve sun rays
with cracked petals,
who wipes deceptive storms
with dry, creeping sepals
still shining again
like the storm had lost
its stuck

To all unknown angels
whom their wings
gets broken along daylights,
feathers dusted
with hauling words, yet
taken as survival tools
on windy days

this I say
to you; breathe –
let the trumpet
of your soul
ooze in multiple
more flowers
of grace.

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