Unless the Seed by Nosisa Ngwata

Nosisa Ngwata | October 1st, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, featured poem, poetry | No Comments

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Unless the seed was buried,
It was lifeless
Unless the seed was planted,
It was dead
The seed did’nt want to be buried,
The ground was cold and lonely
But beneath the hard ground,
The seed became alive
In its cold and lonely grave,
It stunningly flourished
Inside its earthly coffin,
It joyfully germinated
Under the soil it was astir,
The seed throbbed and cracked
It woke up from its slumber,
With a shout of joy it thrived
The soil opened its mouth,
And a beautiful plant emerged
The buried seed thought it was over,
It did’nt know it was the beginning
Yes, the seed did’nt know when buried…
New life would explode
May we consider being like a seed,
And see the challenges that bury us
As opportunities for growth.

Poet Bio

Nosisa Ngwata is a writer and poetess. She hails from East London.

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