Unnoticed cuts by Nomsa Mahlalela

Nomsa Mahlalela | March 27th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

All the blocked tears,
All the hidden scars
Made me seem strong over the years.
Deep inside I’m crushed,
Fire burning so high,
Yes, I’m alive, I always smile,
But deep inside I weep.

It’s all the unnoticed cracks,
All the minor burns,
That portray me as a rock,
I’ve learned to live and hide my scars.
Times fly, pain digs deeper,
But I block every tear,
So I can seem strong.

Hard like a rock on the outside,
Only a shadow for a friend by my side,
A pillow my comforter,
That’s where I take it all out.
When the moonlight lights up the world,
I wish it could be daylight because all is well,
When everyone is awake and laughing.

Poet Bio

I’m twenty-two years old. I spend more of my time alone,either reading or writing. Writing for me is an escape from painful reality into a more peaceful imaginary world.

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