unspoken seeds by the ATM

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unspoken seeds
in a concrete jungle
of jumbled, words
to pave, way for neoligism
on white
sown in
on black
crumbled via post moterm analysis
rolled up ciggies
spit now, or forever be silenced
skryf now, or forever be censored
silence sold as gold
silver wise hair,
cut and shut,
and untold
swords drip with ink
[restrict]quills refuse to write, any further
unless they think
words from the same feather flock together
words from the same heart
make minds flock together
red carpet tongues
speak in sharp stilettos
and in flashes
brewed emotions
foam at the brim of the angry speaker
flaps on voice boxes
folded in sequence
by the words
let there be light
foot notes stumble on unrecited souls
let these tongues taste minds


Poet Bio

Rodney Roskruge, is a writer who draws, a resident poet on Radio-DUT from the Eastern Cape, of mixed race.



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