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Tshepo Molefe | Apr 20th, 2023 | poetry | 1 Comment


They gather in a circle.
The coffee brews a sizzling tongue
hot enough to spill all the tea.

Watch them batter in office gossip
in hopes of boosting their standing
in the rat race.

They forget we are all just clogs
Just a mere statistic.

Yet they keep airing dirty laundry.
Apparently, the scum of a colleague
makes one appear squeaky clean.

We all have dirt on each other.
Some just choose to sip their tea
in peace.

Poet Bio

Tshepo Molefe (pronouns: he/his/him) is a multi-award-winning performance poet and copywriter. With a career spanning over seven years, Molefe has graced many stages around Gauteng and has been published in numerous publications.

Some of Molefe’s career highlights include being published on the 7th edition of the Sol Plaatje anthology, winning the 2017 WordnSound Poetry league, publishing his debut poetry anthology, The Brown Bottle series, and performing his one-man poetry play at the Joburg Theatre.

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