Untruth, A serum by Enigma Obsoleta

Enigma Obsoleta | Sep 23rd, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


When the president moves his mouth …
It’s like,
The words: ‘talk is cheap’ have morphed themselves into a midnight snack — unnecessary and unhealthy.
A sugar-coated suit of Cereal.
Rhama-Pores Sir, a brand.
Drools of empty promises,
A product of lawful imperials — a nag.
It’s like,
Cupid has traded his curved bow for a molten fiery sharpened sword — with cherry at its peak.
Black child,
Open thy lobes and see beyond what you perceive.
You see cherry and forget that in the sweetness of the bite, your abandoned hand will bleed.
Intellectual Orphans.
When the president moves his mouth …
Mouth his moves president the when,
The latter sums better what is uttered with his mouth — condescending and backwards.
Towards the casting of votes,
Leaders are at reach.
After the polls,
A visit from the ministers ends up a faded dream — a fallacy.
They trifle the folks,
Make themselves busy for answering the plummeting community’s call,
While they enjoy a glass of expensive wine at the mall.
Without understanding the meaning of his words,
He spills,
The president speaks,
Configures speech transgressed with superfluous glittering lies,
Food and petrol price hikes,
Service delivery strikes,
Blood diamond mines rising from the demise of the Marikana tedious gun-downed screams.
An ode.
A struggle song — Blasphemy.
When the president moves his mouth …
I cringe, deafened by the loud hungry groans of the soon to be sidelined township kids.

Poet Bio

He is a student of life. A mathematician finding meaning in poetry and art. He is a verbal assassin – a rebel with a pen and paper as a gun, dreams for an armor and equations to decipher the mysteries of the universe within and above. Son of the Soil. Another poet, just what the world needs.

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