Unwavering by Tlaki

Tlaki | August 11th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

With the four seasons
Who knows what! It can be any
Who can tell left from right
When all seems the same
I remain unwavering

It cannot be with all these
That earth be jellyfish
When man made of sterner stuff
Yet be like boneless
I remain unwavering

Call me liar
Call me fake
Call me prideful
Use all forms and shapes of bricks
I remain unwavering

Selfworth like self-love
Is my ground and rock
Who else looks afar
When all is caged
I remain unwavering

Poet Bio

Tlaki, a teacher by profession and worked as an English Tutor at Unisa for more than 10 years. Her passion is working with and mentoring young people to find purpose and meaning in life. She believes that everyone is born with a special gift. She loves babies, hippos and birds. She is an Honors Psychology student at Unisa and is working towards becoming a Poet and a Psychologist. Writing is both fulfilling and therapeutic to her.
She is currently employed at Tshwane Municipality, as a community worker in Mamelodi.

This poem is about her decision to remain committed to being a good person even when the world is hostile.

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