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Nthabiseng Kgoronyane | August 3rd, 2012 | Q&A | No Comments

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“I am passionate about everything that brings growth and change in me.”

Poetry Potion: Who are you?
Thabiso Matupa
: I am Thabiso Matupa but mostly known as Njabulo. I was raised by a single parent. I started writing poetry at school and since then I have been hooked by the power of words and the impact it has in people’s lives. I come from Kuruman, growing up in this town has influenced my personality as a young person.

PP: What is your inspiration?
TM: I draw inspiration from everything that I see. From the likes of Shakespeare to Don Mattera.

PP: What is the hardest thing about being a poet?
TM: When you hit writer’s block. I feel the urge to write yet I do not have a single clue what to write about.

PP: What is crucial for a person to grow as a poet?
TM: Read the work of other writers or poets, stay open minded and be ready to follow a word as it takes you into its own journey. Being observant is a good tool for any poet.

PP: Do you think that poets are well recognised in South Africa?
TM: Yes, poets are well recognised in South Africa because they have initiatives and projects that helps them to celebrate their work, not only poets but artistic personalities.

PP: Do you think there is a career in being a writer?
TM: Yes, there is. Yet it is not easy to pursue a career in writing.

PP: What kind of music do you listen to?
TM: I listen to all genres of music but at the current moment my favourite is hip hop and house genre.


Poet Bio

We are all born intelligent

We are all born intelligent,
Only we decide whether to nurture it
Or let it shrink.
Yes intelligence does come naturally,
Just like a knife, it has to be sharpened over time.

Be on a continuous journey of self discovery,
See the sky as your limit,
But the ground as your beginning.
Be that change in other’s state of mind,
Be the dream that says hope can be found.

*Nthabiseng Kgoronyane is a Journalism graduate to be. She grew up from a town called Kuruman in Northern cape. Known as Miss butterfly, her favourite colour is blue. She is known as one of the best debate candidates from  her high school years. She is a poet, stage actor, model and dancing is one of her greatest passions. She is adventure driven and dedicated to being an inspiration and motivation to others. Twitter: @utterflynaz & Facebook: Nthabiseng Kgoronyane

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