Vanilla Moonlight by Tshepo Maredi

Tshepo Maredi | April 2nd, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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And out of nowhere my feelings will arrive
with bleeding hands and broken mirrors
turned towards me as I exhale
and squeeze from my lungs my fear and loneliness
and bits of unacknowledged love
in an attempt to find the grave of my strength
in an attempt to face and embrace my beauty
drowning in the wells of my self hatred
in an attempt to step up
and free all of my imperfections and flaws
hanging in the public square of perceived perfection
for all to see and gawk at, and laugh
in an attempt to gather up all the hurt filled boomerang letters
I wrote to my loathsome self
and throw them into the flames warming my hands

And in one final act of defiance
I will draw back the curtains and smile in the face of the moonlight
and acknowledge that I have made progress

Poet Bio

A lover of beer, books, bacon and butterflies.


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