Vapid Idolatry by K.G. Munro

K.G. Munro | December 13th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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People with nothing but attention,
Thinking they are above everyone else
Being famous, it is an empty title,
Liars acting as if they are pristine idols.

Pushing whatever sells,
Never realizing that the knife is getting closer
They think that it won’t happen to them – they are just the ones endorsing it!
Useful idiots, that’s what people think of them.

Depraved people,
Thinking that they have free will,
When they do anything to get adulation,
Slaves to greed, to their egos with a lack of humility.

Attention is vapid, most of them don’t possess any talent,
They just scream the loudest,
Uneducated people trying to dictate to the masses,
Whilst sitting inside of their walled-up mansions.

Poet Bio

K.G. Munro is an author, poet, and artist. Her poetry has been published in other outlets such as Poetry Potion, LovePoetry, and PSH.

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