Veiled by Rudolph Nagel

Rudolph Nagel | Jul 10th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


I fell asleep, as I opened my eyes
Drifting away with the newborn sunrise
Far from all brotherhoods in garments of lies
Carried by winds with shape-shifting cries
I went off the path, just as the crow flies
To places concealed from all yawning eyes
In crypts filled with voices, sultry and wise

Stirring, chanting, hexing and brewing
Milk, molasses, tears and ashes
Words, herbs and virgin eyelashes

I drank the elixir of the father of lies
Staining the veils hanging over my eyes
I lowered the curtains and removed my guise
Awakened by dusk, from the ashes arise
To witness the sunset with uncovered eyes.

Poet Bio

A South African born lover of literature and all things mystical.
Student of psychology, fitness and nutrition professional. Passionate about narrative and it’s influence on behaviour and life trajectory. Rudolph believes that meaning and direction can be found in symbolism, tales and stories. That the culmination of all stories resides in the collective and shapes the future.

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