Villains? they never win by Kendra Findlay

Kendra Findlay | March 8th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 2 Comments

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Does my sexuality make you uncomfortable?
that’s okay, your lack of humanity makes me uncomfortable.
Does how I love, make your skin crawl?
that’s okay, your lack of an open mind makes my skin crawl
Is how I dress is not feminine enough for you?
does my public affection make you want to hide?
that’s okay, the way you refuse to let love be and move on with your life makes
me want to hide too.
The difference between you and I?
I will try to understand you anyway
I will respect you anyway

and you will sit with a disapproving look on your face
as I hold my girlfriends hand
the look of disgust when I kiss her cheek
I hope my love makes you grossly uncomfortable
i pray it makes you feel like a terrible person when you come to the realisation one day
just how very wrong you have always been

However for right now you are against love
though we have been told all our lives to fall involve with someone’s personality
not their looks yet there are people in my life telling me to be with a man
men are only men because of their sexual organs, their bodies
So, what happened to fall in love with who someone is?

it seems to me that they just want me to be with a man specifically
because of what he looks likes,
am I wrong?
So then I would be accepted right?
I could finally step foot into my family home.
If I can cure my “disease” I can go home.
If my parents were here now
I would tell them that I fell in love with someone’s my mind,
their personality, imperfections and bad habits
all these beautiful things just happened to be in the body of a woman

I would tell them that I hope one day I hope that they can have what I have,
for if they only married one another because it was seen appropriate
for a man and a woman to be together..well then that’s not love
because sexual organs do not get married, people do.
but, at the end of the day
you won’t win,
because really we are just two people who are innocently trying to love one another
and you the people trying to tear love apart
and haven’t you watched enough films to know that,
they never win.

Poet Bio

Kendra Findlay is a twenty-one year old female who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. She is currently in the process of doing a poetry course through a South African college. Kendra is extremely passionate about poetry and art and hopes to one day make a career out of it.

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