Vintage, Your Love Is by Siphiwe Hlongwane

Siphiwe Hlongwane | December 10th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


your love is
my darling
a taste of sweet wine
matured in time
your antiquated ideas
and their texture
though old fashioned
some may say
are my new religion
in you, i have found my salvation
your eyes wise
and full of the wisdom
telling the sacred truth
of the lost scriptures
are my favourite read
like a limited edition
with the smell of old skin
each page i turn of you
is another wonder revealed
dear darling
god doesn’t make them like you anymore
this here heart of mine
wants you to keep
for you to stay
i pray

Poet Bio

Siphiwe Hlongwane is a creative writer. His work has appeared on Praxis Magazine Online, Poetry Potion, Kalahari Review and FunDza.

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