Voiceless Cries by Laeeq Orrie

Laeeq Orrie | May 28th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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Meet the voiceless,
Those whose cries go unheard,
Whose struggles remain unseen,
Whose pain is invisible to the world.

They walk among us,
With their stories locked inside,
Carrying burdens too heavy to bear,
Yet they stay silent, afraid to confide.

Their pain is real,
Though it may be hidden from view,
Their hearts ache with loneliness,
Their souls shattered and blue.

They are the forgotten,
The ones society overlooks,
Their stories untold,
Their suffering mistook.

But they are not alone,
For we can be their voice,
We can stand with the voiceless,
And give them a reason to rejoice.

Let us listen with our hearts,
And hear what they cannot say,
Let us be a light in their darkness,
And guide them to a brighter day.

For the voiceless have a story,
And it deserves to be told,
Let us give them a platform,
And watch their spirits unfold.

Meet the voiceless,
And let them know they are seen,
Their pain may be invisible,
But their worth is beyond what can be gleaned.

Let us be the change they seek,
And make their voices heard,
For the voiceless deserve to be seen,
And their stories deserve to be shared.

Poet Bio

Laeeq is a student 17 years of age
Poetry is one of his many great passions
All of his poetic pieces are unique
His every word, expressed in great complexity

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