vows by mihla the poet

mihla the poet | April 20th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Let me smoke this blunt
And tell you what happend

Between us my truth is high
So I speak no lies


I said a few words 6 months into our
Journey words that I would live by and promise you I would live by because I didn’t want to lose you

Yes these words are like vows sounding like vows
But they mean more to me



All I have is memories of our impactful moments and great memories we shared together since that minute second hour days weeks months ago since your memory walked away from you

But I’m here trying to help you to remember me but you remember your past your previous guy cause I see how you look when you think about him cause you would look the same when you thought about me

But my love for you is still burning like the fire Jesus would put in his chosen kids

But my love for you doesn’t want me to give up or leave you

Cause every day I kneeled down praying for you to realize that and remember that you belong here with me

I said a few vows that I know I would live by


I’m just waiting patiently for you to love me like before and to remember how you loved me

Cause I just keep falling Inlove with you everyday even though it’s hard for you to remember me

My vows I will keep

Poet Bio

mihlali is a aspiring poet from Bloemfontein his 23 years old currently busy with a. diploma in business management and when it comes to poetry he gets inspiration from anything he doesn’t us bombastic words in his poems cause he wants to be simple and understanding

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