War by Nozy

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You let the sun kiss you in places you never allowed me to even touch
You tell the moon your deepest secrets
While I don’t even know your second name or where you from or where is your family
I see how you look at the stars and how excited you’ll be when the evening is approaching so you’ll get lost in them, I sometimes wish you could look at me even once, the floor has more eye contact with your eyes than mine

The war broke you
Left you to pick up pieces to put together but every time you try and pick one up you bleed from a cut
Your hands are filled with scars
People thought you were cutting so you wear gloves now to hide your past and never spoke a word of your language

Child you will find peace in the sun
The moon will answer you one day
The stars will take you away for a dance while they play your favourite song, the one your mother use to sing for you when you were 12

One day you’ll find the courage to go back home
To find your mother old and grey
Your father not there anymore the war was never generous to him and to your younger brother as well but it spared him his life atleast without legs
Your best friend was blown into pieces the night you Left. . .

It will hurt but you will find healing that night
You will learn to forgive yourself at last.
You’ll learn to kiss your scars like your lover does at 3 am when you wake up crying and he never ask any question
And you’ll realise that God saved you that night so you can be the hope for your people
To come and save them after years of dark clouds finally a ray of sunlight. . .

Poet Bio

Nosiphiwo is a 22 year old girl who loves poetry more than anything. Writing has been there through hard times when loved ones couldn’t console her. Putting pen and paper together did wonders for the wounds.

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