Washing day by Mec

Mec | September 11th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

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On the banks of the river
Long before the sun is up
The women gather, the young and the old
It is washing day, time to scrub

Songs of Praise gently rise
This act of labour is a worship to the Gods
Here plants are nature’s soap
Hands wring cloth after cloth and pray to the Lords

Morning breaks and washing stones glisten
Strength and muscles gently massage cloths over chosen rocks
The women smile and sing
The century-old cleaning ritual, a proven detox

It is midday when the work is done
Crossed legged the women now sit
They breathe and gather strength
Washing day is over, it takes grit and a lot of wit

Poet Bio

Mec is an aspirational writer, a dreamer, and a mother. Her 40th birthday is coming up, and she wants a life that is free of regrets.

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