Wasted brains lie in the gutter by Mis2ly

Mis2ly | February 13th, 2013 | current issue, poetry | No Comments


Focus on my right eye
It will lead u inside my mind
There lies a gallery of lost lives struggling 2 survive
Black and white alike

Standing on the pavement waiting
Xe is wasted
Fixated on her next fix
Wondering how xe is going to get it
Dirty hands held out xe stands waiting for a rand to drop and litter her sordid palm
Who is xe?

Huddled under a bridge he sits
Rolling dice, before he decides which robot he will occupy
Engulfed in shameless smoke that feeds his life
A life sentence that requires no jails
Drugged by the merciless drugs of a dependent kind
Who is he?

They where once more than just students of life
Who are they?

Xe was a mother and a child
He was a brother and a friend
But one wrong decision resulted in a domino of destruction in their imperfect lives

The government pays no homage to these seemingly faceless plights.
They have crashed to the ground with no hope of a single life line.
People just pass them by allowing this web to persist
Who are we?

These pictures in my mind are reflections of our so called democracy
But then again how much can be done for people who “don’t want help”
We can’t blame it on race because in the gutters of wasted minds lies
both black and white alike.

Poet Bio

I am a media studies graduate and my interests lie in human rights more specifically socio-economic rights. I’m fascinated by drug abuse; prison gangs and prostitution. I work as Managing Editor for a publishing company. I love poetry because I find it easy to express myself and describe the world through poetry. I’m an artist and I specialize in abstract art, experimenting with the female body in my drawings.

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