Watch Me Growing Old by Raphael d’Abdon

Raphael d'Abdon | June 1st, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

(a found poem in honour of Jaydeep Sarangi)

“my poetry is my honesty, if there is any”
Jaydeep Sarangi

chiselled language
gives sense to truth

winged imagination
is witness to its past
grasping at the wind

the suffering lots of the red soil
join hands into the dark
embrace of silence

a humble man
brought up in a forest

a folk
as honest as prayers

practices the art of absence
in a sea of riches

he writes poems mostly at midnight
when solitude on a pleasure-ride
engulfs lamps waiting
in fear of losing sight

his pen moves towards necessary lines

watch me growing old
with time and an old bottle of wine
my gray hairs are an asset
don’t ever walk away from the dirt of life
and you will achieve
inner perfection

Poet Bio

Dr Raphael d’Abdon is a writer, scholar, spoken word poet, editor and translator. He holds an MA in Arts from the University of Uppsala (Sweden) and a PhD in Linguistics and Literary Studies from the University of Udine (Italy).

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