Waves by Charlene

Charlene | November 1st, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

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Sometimes it’s there sometimes it’s not
Sometimes l imagine l imagined it,
A figment of my own imagination
An image born from the depths of a housewives boredom.
Ooh don’t think little of me,
See l used to be someone,
A bright-eyed girl with dreams only Daniel could fathom.
Then l became somebody to someone,
Lost myself within the sweetest clusters of who he was.
Drowned my worth to become worthy of him,
Now l stare at this broken image of who l used to be and wonder…
Was she real? The girl l used to be.

Poet Bio

Charlene Sakarombe is a poet whos written multiple works online and competed in various poetry competitions. Published 2 online poetry books that are readily available on wattpad.

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