We are before after as we were by Nkateko Tshabalala

Nkateko Tshabalala | Dec 22nd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


We have always thought of ourselves as blunt arrows,
Forged in forgetfulness,
Shot from a stringless bow, by an aimless eye,
Only to find the target in the void of space filled with whirlwinds lost and entangled in its own spirals.

We resurface to take a deep breath,
the air is filled with sweet melodies of martyrs singing lullabies,
We are encouraged to sow hope, knowing that we will reap bravery.
We are no longer trapped by the gaze of misery, we have been freed by the courage of wisdom.
Now we are no longer humble, we are reincarnated amidst the bewilderment of lies to be a frightening truth wielding the pages of destiny.

We saw death before we saw dreams.
We were born before we knew love before we could hate.
Thoughts raging in our minds before we could think, seeking atonement to replenish wisdom with knowledge.
In this dilemma, our eyes bounced around our sockets as if ghosts were running around lost in the mazes of our minds.
We stole fragments of reality to give purpose to emotions raptured from our bleeding hearts pouring into our broken souls.
How could the truth set us free when it captivated our desires?
We yearned to look into the light of our spiritual abodes.
But we died after we loved, but we hated before we found joy in laughter.
We rose before we fell and the burden of this earth swallowed us in its misery.
So, don’t blame me when my words feel as if they are the shepherds of your souls, shaping your thoughts.
When I close my eyes I see the light shining, that’s why I’m always smiling when I see people escaping the torture of this world.
They pierced the heavens with their souls and knocked at the doors of eternity and their memories were locked in the paradise of infinity.
Life was just a gift to the indifference of men,
Saints and sinners,
Neither good nor evil,
Life was just a gift to the indifference of men.
And when God spoke into the darkness, we emerged as glowing spirits with halos before we were black, we were the light.
We were prophets, before we were disciples, foretelling the future with hope, faith and truth.
So, don’t blame me when I speak as if I am the thoughts of God,
When I close my eyes I see the light shining, that’s why I’m always smiling.
And they, the tyranny of evil men snatching dreams,
Can’t even live,
Can’t even love,
Can’t even laugh,
Not even a little smile.

So don’t blame us when we love as if we have the heart of God, his blood flowing through our veins,
Loving and embracing everything that has breath in it.
We are before After as we were.

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Aspiring writer
I don’t chase dreams
I construct realities
Self published author of Poetic Flair

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