We but not Us by Moabi

Moabi | August 25th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


I wish to cooperate
But an extrovert’s plea will dissipate, I concur.
Because masses do drown us
Even before the backstroke we sought.
Still, I prefer the pieces of peace intact.
However the water broke,
And we popped out, ALONE.
Groomed to grace the tides, the ups accrue!
As time’s lust for new man awaits,
I took a plunge into the deep blue of Wakanda,
The nebula marred by an odour.
I reside in loneliness,
But my senses conjure emancipation.

Poet Bio

I am an I.B graduate from Leribe Lesotho. I am starting my first year next year in S.A, hopefully, Stellenbosch for Bsc Financial Maths.

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