we exist by zamantungwa

zamantungwa | February 6th, 2013 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

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A Poem A Day writing prompt…Tell all my mourners

we exist
from hand to mouth
our fears are skin deep
yet we hang on to them
as if without them we couldn’t breathe

we exist
from day to day
our dreams on pause
that one day is one day mantra
causing us to feel like talking it is living it

we exist
waiting for tomorrow
’cause the right time is never now
but some time when the time is right
it’s never now always later someday

we exist
everyday never living
in the moment with our dreams deferred to never
and in that last moment of realise but know it’s too late
’cause tomorrow is always tomorrow

forget tomorrow
live today ’cause tomorrow is always tomorrow
we only have today

Poet Bio

zamantungwa is the founder and editor of Poetry Potion

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